The Nikaean Ecumenical Trust

Founded in 1992 and relaunched in 2002, the Nikaean Ecumenical Trust aims to advance the Christian religion by fostering good ecumenical relations between all Christian churches, particularly between the Church of England and Christian churches overseas. The Trust is closely associated with the Nikaean Club and shares its vision.

Its endowments, which are modest, were increased following the transfer of the assets of the former Harold Buxton Trust. Harold Buxton was Bishop of Gibraltar from 1933 until 1947 and had wide ecumenical and humanitarian interests. The Trust has also now incorporated the work of the former St Andrew’s Trust.

In practical terms, the Trust pursues its objectives by awarding grants to clergy and laity from overseas churches (mainly, but not exclusively, the Orthodox churches) to enable them to spend time in this country furthering their theological, pastoral or vocational training in a setting where there are active links with the Church of England. This might mean, for example, a term at a university or an Anglican theological college or a few weeks in a Church of England placement.

Grants are also made available towards a package of funding for a longer course of theological study in this country, although candidates are not expected to become permanent residents in the UK. The Trust is not able to fund the whole cost of a degree course.

Typically, grants are in the range of £500- £2,000.

Enquiries should be made to the Honorary Secretary, Mrs Margery Roberts (email:[email protected]).

In almost every case, the interaction between the candidate and the host college or worshiping community is beneficial to all concerned and friendships are made which will go on supporting ecumenical relations for years to come.